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Hosting? Domain registration? SSL? FTP? WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO?!? OUCH. And that ugly list barely scratches the surface of the stuff you don't have time to figure out even if you wanted to. What you need is a smart, capable and creative designer.

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Wild Blue Pixel will work closely with you to create a website that is the perfect vehicle for your content, organizing your information intuitively and attractively, and be faithful to your budget. Let Wild Blue Pixel deal with the details, so you can concentrate on what you love to do - your own work!

"I love Wild Blue Pixel and I love working with Susan Taunton. She's talented, smart, fast, and has a great sense of humor. She keeps my website humming!" Pam Walton, Silicon Run Productions

After Your Site is Built

Keeping your site healthy and secure is an ongoing job. Wild Blue Pixel offers a maintenance plan, which includes:
  • keeping WordPress plugins, themes and WordPress itself up to date
  • keeping your database optimized
  • monitoring backups
  • monitoring security scans
  • monitoring for and correcting indexing and crawl errors
  • periodic testing of your website's contact form
The contemporary Web is a dangerous place for sites with vulnerabilities, but under the wing of Wild Blue Pixel, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your website is being watched over and kept up to date.
"We so appreciate everything you've done with the website, and the integrity with which you do it." Steve Kemble,
Wild Blue Pixel Website Design & Consultation Need help posting your content? Wild Blue Pixel can update your site's content - just email the info, and consider it posted. And if you would like editorial assistance, Wild Blue Pixel can transform raw content into posts that are informative, engaging and easy on the eye.
Southern Arizona Senior Pride has generated an amazing presence and outreach in our community. We have achieved our goal of being a communications hub and making significant community impact in large part due to our outstanding website designed and cared for by Wild Blue Pixel’s Susan Taunton.Joyce Bolinger, Southern Arizona Senior Pride
Wild Blue Pixel Website Design & Consultation Already have a WordPress site but it's snagged with a perplexing problem? Wild Blue Pixel can troubleshoot and solve your WordPress conundrums.
"Susan! I've said this before but I'll say it again: you are the BEST." Penny Rosenwasser,
Wild Blue Pixel, handcrafting websites for individuals and small enterprises since 2006.
The Wild Blue Pixel team

So go ahead, take more amazing photographs, work on that film, write that next chapter, fire your kiln! Discover the reliability, no-stone-unturned work ethic and unbeatable price tag of a website designed and cared for by Wild Blue Pixel Website Design & Consultation!

Susan Taunton
Wild Blue Pixel
March 17, 2019

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