After your website is built, Wild Blue Pixel offers a comprehensive ongoing maintenance TLC plan that keeps your site safe, secure and healthy, and can include content support. If you already have a website that's driving you crazy with an inexplicable snag, Wild Blue Pixel can diagnose the issue.


Keeping your site healthy and safe

The contemporary Web is a dangerous place for sites with vulnerabilities. Websites using out of date plugins and other software are prime targets for hackers. Beyond basic safety, websites are rooted in the constantly shifting sands of the Web and need monitoring. Under the wing of Wild Blue Pixel, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your website is being watched over and kept up-to-date. With the TLC plan, the following tasks are performed daily on your website:

  • update WordPress plugins, themes and WordPress itself
  • optimize the database
  • monitor daily backups
  • monitor daily security scans
  • scan for broken links across the site

Supplement the TLC plan with content management and support to keep your content shiny and up-to-date as well. Just email your request, and consider it done. Tailor your plan to your own preferences - choose light support or complete start-to-finish post creation. Wild Blue Pixel can watch over your calendar and archive out of date posts, or transform your raw, rough draft ideas into captivating eye-catching posts. As a team, we can make beautiful music together!

"I love Wild Blue Pixel and I love working with Susan Taunton. She's talented, smart, fast, and has a great sense of humor. She keeps my website humming!" Pam Walton, Pam Walton Productions

the doctor is in!


Got a snagged WordPress site? Sometimes things go wrong and you need a little help from a friend. Wild Blue Pixel is here to solve your WordPress conundrums.
"Susan! I've said this before but I'll say it again: you are the BEST." Penny Rosenwasser,
The Wild Blue Pixel team
The Wild Blue Pixel team