Since 2006, Wild Blue Pixel has been handcrafting websites for small businesses, artists, non-profits and grassroots community organizations. Wild Blue Pixel is based in Tucson, AZ, and Asheville, NC, but provides website services for clients in the great wide world far beyond.

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No need to wrestle with clumsy “DIY” website builders. Your website can be designed just right for you and your enterprise without the headaches. Wild Blue Pixel works closely with clients to build beautiful, engaging websites, protected by a comprehensive ongoing maintenance plan. »Wild Blue Pixel’s services

“Susan is a pleasure to work with. She really got what my work is all about, and created a beautiful site. I’ve received many many compliments on it.”Jim Klein, Filmmaker & Editor

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“The website is gorgeous — easy to read, easy to navigate, nice presentation of the work, visual interest, and the artistic playfulness that characterizes your work. You rock, Wild Blue!”Mary Beth Haralovich for Christelle Fine Art