DIY websites aren’t for everyone. Maybe you want more flexibility, control and independence, and maybe you want to own your website files and database. This is exactly what you get with a self-hosted website – when you rent space on a hosting server and build a site from scratch, using tools like HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress. But if you don’t have experience in website design, you’ll need help—you can’t learn how to use those tools overnight.

Wild Blue Pixel Website Design & Consultation

Wild Blue Pixel will work closely with you to create a website that is the perfect vehicle for your content, organizing your information intuitively and attractively, and be faithful to your budget. Let Wild Blue Pixel deal with the details, so you can concentrate on what you’d rather spend your time on—your own work!

“Susan is a pleasure to work with. She really got what my work is all about, and created a beautiful site. I’ve received many many compliments on it.”Jim Klein, Filmmaker & Editor

“The website is gorgeous — easy to read, easy to navigate, nice presentation of the work, visual interest, and the artistic playfulness that characterizes your work. You rock, Wild Blue!”Mary Beth Haralovich